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Family Life Education

Couples’ Retreat

Presbyterian Women’s Centre organizes residential couples retreat for lay couples as well as Ministers of the Gospel. This retreat seeks to equip couples to appreciate, celebrate, transform, strengthen, and invest in their marriages to sustain a happy home. The Programme Content includes Presentations on Marriage, Health Talk, Dawn Prayer Walk, Bible Study, Film Show, Games, Photoshoot, Candlelight Dinner, Communion Service, and Renewal of Vows.

Family Life Education (Counselling) programme

The Family Life Education Programme is a 3-Modular counsellors’ training programme aimed at preparing people to be able to undertake counselling sessions in their churches or any faith-based institutions, to nurture faithful Christians for the ministry of Christ.  The modules are spread over a three-year period. The programme is conducted each year for one week, usually from July. At the end of the three-year training, participants receive proficiency certificates. This training programme is organised by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Presbyterian Women’s Centre. This programme is open to people from different denominations. 

PCG Retired Ministers & Spouses Retreat

The Retired Ministers and Spouses Retreat is an annual retreat organized for the Retreat Ministers and their spouses of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG). This programme equips them with information and issues in the Presbyterian Church as well as healthy living. Further, provides an opportunity for meeting old friends in the ministry and share experiences.